What is Rad Thread?

Rad Thread is dedicated to producing products born from the heart of enthusiasts. Rad means wheel in German...it also means Radical in the good old USA.

The philosophy and passion of Rad Thread comes from our long-standing love of automobiles and the fact that it is in a constant state of change. The glamorous images of legendary machines in the car culture, further popularized by everything from F1 to the Duke boys of Hazard county, which only added to the mystique.

Rad Thread's roots undeniably come directly from the car culture, and the brand's mission statement is all about fostering the dreams of restoring a project and ultimately taking it to that ideal show, get together or of course stretch of highway. We have no hidden agenda other than going through our bucket list of automobiles.

Music and art were also important in uniting Rad Thread's vision, as we are passionate about the individual and freedom of expression. And, Rad Thread places great value on the journey as well as the final destination. Welcome to the Rad Thread world of imagining endless possibilities.